Oro Verde Vida

private medical marijuana collective

'91 Warhead

Chem 91' x Black Cherry Warhead

  • Strong sour-sweet diesel musk
  • Sativa dominant hybrid
  • Very large yields
  • Finishes in 8-9 weeks

Jack Crusher

Jack Herer x Worf

(Worf: Romulan x OG)

  • Very sweet and zesty.
  • Sativa
  • Medium to large yields
  • Finishes in 9-10 weeks

Cherry Poptart

Black Cherry Warhead x Abusive OG

  • Strong sour fruity smell/taste
  • Large yields
  • Finishes in 8-9 weeks

White Cherry Warhead

Black Cherry Warhead x White Widow

  • Tangy cherry candy smell and taste
  • Hybrid
  • Large yields
  • Finishes in 8-9 weeks

Black Cherry Warhead
Black Cherry Cheesecake x Sour OG

  • Sour candy smell and taste
  • Very fruity with a distinct Sour OG flavor.
  • Sativa dominant hybrid
  • Medium to large yields.
  • Finishes in 8-9 weeks.