Non-Stick Silicone Mat (3" x 4") - $2 -These non-stick silicone mats allow you to make the most of your medicated concentrates or dabs. The high quality, non-stick silicone is also heat resistant which is ideal for concentrates that has just been extracted and is ready for storage. The anti-adhesive liner which surfaces the mat is easy to clean because nothing sticks to the mat. You can re-use and clean the mat as many times as possible making it a most efficient and effective component of your medicated concentrate storing process.

Cacique #1 - (H) - 4g/$40 - 7g/$60 - 14g/$120 -  (Sour King x East Bay King) Sour, earthy, lemon, mild diesel smell and taste. Uplifting and relaxing. O.V.V. Original

Cannabis Leaf Lighter - $1 - Refillable leaf lighter.

East Bay King - 1g/$20 - 2g/$40 - Sour, earthy, woody, fuel smell and taste. 

(4Kings x Berkeley OG) O.V.V. original

Dank's Natural Rolling Papers King Size - $1.50 -You can tell that Dank’s recognizes the importance of going natural when you’re rolling up their king-sized 100% natural rolling papers. Sliced artfully thin for ease of handling, the lightweight rice paper is unbleached, allowing for the great taste you demand in your smoking experiences. The rustic brown shade of Dank’s rolling papers reminds you that you’re rolling with only the best, free from toxic chemicals, bleaches and dyes. -32 sheets per booklet.

Canna Wraps 1 1/4" Rolling Papers - $1 - Canna Wraps 1 1/4" Rolling Papers are lightweight, ultra-skinny, ultra-fine and made with 100% pure rice paper. Canna Wraps Industries is a specialized company bringing you paper products from the heart of Southern California. These papers are designed to be environmentally friendly by being made completely tree free.


Stay Lit Replacement Glass Globe - $3- Designed as a replacement attachment for the Stay Lit Vaporizer, the replacement glass globe is durable and made from quality grade borosilicate glass. Once screwed on properly, the replacement globe allows users the benefit of seeing their vapor once it is inhaled.

Veggie Pipe - $10 - Each of these glass pipes is forged from top notch borosilicate for improved heat-resistance. *Only white available.

Rick Simpson Oil (5 gram syringe) Very potent! - $150.00
Potent concentrated cannabis oil and named after the man who created it and first benefited from it. Canadian engineer Rick Simpson claims he cured his own skin cancer with a custom blend of cannabis oil, which has come to be known as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), or Phoenix Tears (the name of Rick’s website).

Alien King Mix - 1g/$20 - 2g/$40 - 6g/$100 - Tart, earthy smell and taste. A mix of Alien King, Cookie King and Monster King. 

Sour Diesel Dry Ice Hash - 1g/$15 - 2g/$20 - Earthy, woody, sour/sweet citrus cream, diesel smell and taste. Meditative and relaxing. 

Antoinette OG - (H) - 4g/$40 - (King Louis OG x Tangie) Strong tangerine, citrus, earthy, fuel smell and taste. Uplifting, creative and relaxing effects. MedTree strain, grown by O.V.V. 

Wills Rolling Papers - $1 - 1 1/4" size. Slow burning papers.

Rectangular Pipe 3" - $10 - Taking a minimalist approach to the rectangular pipe shape, these assorted 3" rectangular pipes show how less can be more in a quality hand pipe. The square shape lends to ease of use and portability, while providing a simple, secure grip. Gold fuming adds a warmth to the pipe, interrupted by eye-catching colorful ribboning. Each of these glass pipes is forged from top notch borosilicate for improved heat-resistance. At a length of 3” and with such a basic shape, these smoking pieces are ideal for use as inconspicuous hand pipes.

Rainy Daze #5 - (H) - 4g/$40 -  (Sour King x Covfefe) Very strong sour, skunky, earthy, fuel smell and taste. Great for waking up and starting your day. Energetic and focused effects. Great for outdoor activities. O.V.V. Original.

Oro Verde Vida

private medical marijuana collective

Stay Lit Globe Atomizer - $10 - Made as a replacement atomizer for the Stay Lit Vaporizer, the Stay Lit Globe Atomizer assists users in heating wax and similar textured concentrates during vape sessions. Each atomizer kit comes with its own black mouthpiece, glass globe, and chrome plated atomizer needed for vaping concentrates.

Stay Lit Battery w/ USB Charger 650mah - Black or Blue - $10 -  Designed in black as a replacement battery for your standardized wax vape pens, this 650mah Stay Lit battery features a stronger, long lasting batter. Made with a universal fit, each battery comes with its own USB charger.